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Be Contacted When Next ICE Raid Occurs

Be Contacted When Next ICE Raid Occurs

Smash ICE


Immigration and Customs Enforcement, if you have not noticed, has begun employing fascist tactics against immigrants in this country. People are being ripped away from their families, thrown into crowded holding cells, and shipped off, away from everyone they care for and love, away from their homes, their communities and the jobs with which they feed their families.

What the government is doing should be viewed as a direct expression of fascism and thoroughly institutionalized racism. An expression of dissent, in any form, must be shown. Shown consistently and strongly. We must immediately respond every single time there is an ICE raid. The government can not get away with this barbarity any longer. The war is not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is right here. The State does not discriminate in where it attempts to violently force its agenda.

Whenever a raid takes place we will converge in Tacoma, the home city of the main ICE detention center in the Northwest. If you would like to be notified when a raid takes place, please send us your telephone number or email (details below). The day after a raid we will meet in front of the Federal Building in Tacoma (information below) at 6 PM if the next day falls on a weekday, 2 PM if it falls on a weekend. From there we can formulate an appropriate response.

The atrocities and injustices of the government cannot continue, overseas or at home. They are one and the same, part of the war which is engulfing the entire world. Either we fight it or we let it win.

-Smash ICE

Please email us at with your contact information if you wish to be part of the phone tree.

The Tacoma Federal Building is located on Pacific Ave between S 17th Street and S 19th Street. It is the large, red brick building across from the University of Washington, Tacoma Campus.
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