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Needed baaaaadly...

So, last year Out In Tacoma made a float for the Daffodil Parade. The Daffodilians then harrassed us one month after the event trying to ban us from future parades for being innapropriate because we had the names of gay organizations on the side of our float. Yes, they wanted to ban us for having NAMES, not based on content or behaviour, but based on words like "Lesbian," "Gay," and "AIDS", the scariest word ever.
We are in need of a used flatbed trailer to make this year's float. It does not have to be nice and if we can just borrow it for a month, we will be happy to decorate, use and give back in the same condition it was given to us in.
Last year we used a flatbed TRUCK and we needed a ladder to climb it. It was hah-larious but not so nice for the 60 year old lesbian diva who has a bad hip.
If you have a friend or relative that you know doesn't use theirs, please ask them if we can or if they just want to get rid of it.
If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please let me know.
We have to participate this year to send a clear message that all organizations in Tacoma have the right to participate in Tacoma festivals and events regardless of the personal feelings of the Board members. Hell, the Log Cabin Republicans are ALWAYS invited to Out In The Park! ;D

Out In The Park
Our 10th Gay Year!
July 14th, 2007
Wright Park, Tacoma
Noon - 6PM
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